Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet degree memories...

sometimes,there are something that you do which will make you cry in the end of the day and really think about it every day after that..
n ive done something like that.
there are many things that make all of the experience alive everyday and that hurts the most.
its like i have to live in the same time n same situation as before even though its all over.
changing the situation is not easy,but im trying.
the memories,the sweet things,the trip.
all makes everything more difficult for me.
what i've done??

the truth is,life is not easy.
sometimes ade decision yg betul,ade decision yg salah.
n,its all up to our creator.
kita hanya merancang,tapi,sebaik2 perancangan adalah dari Allah.
try to be a better person here.
kerje is around the corner.
no more study,no more lepak2 with kawan2,no more relax after futsal.
Ya Allah,kau mudahkan lah segala urusan ku.

myvi orange with all the kenangan..
..and of course this kisses thingy..
cair kat mulut ckp kau..sedap..=)

gudbye all my frens in degree...=)


  1. Sweet.. I hope i'm the first person reading your latest post. thank you so much RJ. U mean a lot to me. :) 2 mores kisses left.. and..please don't like this song. :(

  2. those things comes and goes kan? even its end here, but the memory remain aite? we still need to discover a new thing. alam pekerjaan is not that bad kan. so, gud luck for u shafeeq to face the new chapter of life! all the best!

  3. princess:thanx for visiting by...its late already..dah like it a lot..x pe kn..thanx anyway for introducing me to this song..=)
    c/6:hee..thanx for those kind words..insyaAllah,i try to do my best..=)