Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ISM RICS | 3rd International Surveying Conference eh?=P

hoho..nak jalan2 lagi??jom!!
last week,ive been to penang with my coursemate..there's two of us who has to present two papers on what we did in Brunei.n i go there as a support to them oni.i know2,if i dont go,they will present smoothly also,i did not have any effect at all,but,i just wanna be there to watch them present in front of all international eyes who will be in awe with what we did in Brunei.=P

the event is actually the

ISM RICS | 3rd International Surveying Conference 2011

in this conference, all university such as UTM,UiTM,USM,Asumption University Thailand,Hong Kong,China,Singapore,will send their presenter and present their own paper to show their greatness in doing surveying..hohohoho..
and UiTM are sending 2 person which is my colleague who work with me in Brunei last proud of them.actually the lecturer want me to present,but its to late,the presenter has already,i just feel proud to be chosen by the lecturer..hohoho..never mind,i dont care,at least there is someone who are brave enough to present in front of those crowd.
the tactic is,if one presenter has present the paper with confidence,another presenter must present it so-so only.hee..and it worked!!!
my friend win the best presenter for her room!
im so proud to be a UiTMian..=P
this is the picture when we cross the famous Jambatan Pulau Pinang.i go to Penang only when balik Kampung,and when u drive a car,u cannot see beyond the fence so,once i rode a bus,i can see beyond the fence and it is very beautiful..hee..
this is the actual talk and they go on talking for about 12 hours.who the heaven can listen to a talk for 12 hours straight????better next tyme they reschedule the timeline.we are students,not a pokok or something..=P

the middle is my friend who won the best presenter.pretty isnt she??oh gloating about friend in blogs..=P
haaa..pi penang x mai pekena nasik kandaq x sah a..(tros kluaq cakap utara..penat aih pi cakap orang putih..=P)
sedap ya amat la..kamin(kambing in utara okei,sbut btoi2,kamin) tu sedap la cek oi..
x tau nak cakap macam mana dah aih.memang sdap la..
kena plak ngn kuah manih tu,perghh...
meleleh air mata..=P
then,look into the sky and see this..Menara KOMTAR..the landmark of penang.
and of cos,ive never been there before.
for 21 years i have come to Penang and never go to this particular building.
why eh?
cuz my Datuk not here la..
buat pa pi sini,bukan dapat duit pon..
x dak pa pon..nak bli mas macam dalam crita mami jarum boleh la..=P


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